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We are your marketing partner and we want your brand to flourish! We look at the big picture of where your brand currently is and where you want to go. Here are the tools that we use to help get you there…

Full PR Campaigns

We want as many people to know and talk about your brand! We launch public relations campaigns to increase your brand’s visibility and credibility in your industry. We put your product or service in front of key editors, writers, bloggers, tastemakers and social media influencers who connect to your target audiences. We leverage our relationships with local and national level media so your brand is consistently top of mind.

Brand Development

Every successful brand has a unique story or angle. We make sure your unique brand concept is communicated in everything you do, from your logo to your product to anywhere your brand lives online.

Marketing Strategy  

It’s all about relationships! We work closely with you to achieve both short-term and long-term goals, to get you noticed by your target audiences and build a lasting relationship with them.   

EMPKT Experiences

It’s like Tupperware parties, but much more fun! We create unique and exciting events, where specific targeted audiences can engage and emotionally “kin-nect” with your brand.


EMPKT experiences also provide great brand partnerships to expand your audiences even more.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media is the new TV! Used strategically, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are excellent tools for reaching wider audiences. We guide you on ways to tell your brand’s story in a compelling way to attract new followers, build a rapport and inspire interaction. 

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